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2012年12月19日 博创留学 美国留学第一站 梦想开始的地方  博创留美关注 - 留学聚焦


1. Career/personal goals
Ultimately, I want to become someone exclusive in financial accounting profession. This status can be demonstrate in different ways:(demonstrated) if I am in financing department of a company, I want to be the one that can make difference to the company’s financial situation by organizing financial movements; if I work for public accounting firms, I want to be one of the partners that win a good reputation for providing valuable services. (整体都也应该用过去时,以表示意义虚拟和憧憬)
As a Chinese citizen, I believe my best stage would be in China, but this does not contradict to the idea of starting my career in America.(既然中国是最好的发展舞台,为什么不在中国?还是要简单的充实一下在美国的原因) The most mature and active market in the world’s financial system, US market is ideal place for fresh players in this profession.
To be a better beginner, and to meet the most my desire to learn new things, I set up my short term goal as to become a certified professional accountant in US, perhaps the best places would be big four firms, since they offer more chances to meet clients in different industries. (AICPA只是进入美国此行业的一个基础)Taking the test of AICPA is no doubt the essential step for entering this profession in America and going long, so this is also part of my short term plan in 2 or 3 years time scale.(逻辑矛盾。作为一个beginner, 短期目标是成为professional accountant似乎唐突些。而且谈目标的时候,要提到在美国院校所学的知识和技能,把目标和留学动机结合到一起)

2. Reasons for choosing programs
I believe completing a Macc program in a leading business school is the basis of my career success, because it is right designed for students with the ambition of entering accounting profession. To me, it can benefit mostly at the following aspects:
It offers a channel to learn about American profession. Accounting profession in every country has its own characters, due to the different market demand, and different regulation system. As someone who wants to enter the profession in US, I will need time to feel about its reality, and I believe the best way to do this is through a Macc program.(并不是每个学校都提供实习,但可以说美国的大体环境会影响自己,学校的优厚条件,自己会争取机会和时间,来联系理论和实践) A good Macc program will provide strong links to accounting firms, CPAs, and events in profession. This will help me build up the idea of the way American professionals doing business, their focus, and their inclination of employees’ competence.
It provides a chance to improve my current understanding of nature of accounting. Although my undergraduate education has covered most of the topics and concepts in modern accounting science, a Macc program will definitely enhance me technically. From this program, I will gain experience of solving practical problems with accounting methods, as well as examining effects accounting principles draw on corporations operation. With the induction of professors and my own research, I will discover the nature of this profession beyond the superficial appearance of it. I will be able to understand the change in accounting principles, and even anticipate their changing according to the practical problems.
It opens up a platform for future leaders of this profession from all over the world to co-learn, share and network. The most distinguished Macc programs in US only give admissions to the extraordinarily outstanding students in the world. If I can have chances to work with them and share ideas with them, I will develop strong network in profession. Network brings not only information, but also trust, lower exchange cost, and business opportunity. This is especially true when one climbs to higher position in career. (结构上,可以与第一点合并)

I think a top-tier MACC/Mfin program will prepare me best for a future career, since the boundary between this two major are getting unclear as a result of the adjunction of two professions.(这句话似乎也表明了自己本身就对会计和金融的区别特别模糊) A recognized MACC/Mfin program may add my competency in the following ways:
It brings a new, widened view of business world. To business, accounting provides a kind of language to reflect operation accurately, with the united grammar rules so everyone can read and write. Finance, on the other hand, discovers values by creating new structures and products, expanding the frontier of business and market. This may lead to the fact that accountants focus more on history, and financers pay more attention to potential opportunities. Thus, a systematic training on finance may open up my view to various business sectors, offering powerful analytical models to examine the nature of them. This widened view will be my competitive edge when starting a career.

It improves my analytical skills, especially in terms of numerical analysis. Business world is filled with fast changing figures and confusing information. Only with the assistance of analytical tools can we find out the underlining logics. At undergraduate level, we tend to drop on conclusions by imagination and logical deduction, while in profession people asked for numerical proofs.(这里用draw the conclusions) I want to fill this gap by acquiring intensive training on mathematical analysis, which is important part of a MACC program. 

Among all the outstanding Macc/Mfin programs, I choose the one at ** without any hesitation for the reasons that followed:
** owns long standing reputation among academia and profession. From secondary education to college, all of my education life was spent at institutions with sound reputation in China. That is why I understand that better reputation not only makes people feel good when asked by others which school they go to, but it also means stricter academic training, more competitive environment, and higher expectation to be excellent. Though life is going to be tougher in ** than in ordinary programs, I believe only challenges make strong person. (不是说因为某专业有挑战所以才读,更应该添加自己的兴趣所在,以及自己在此领域具备的潜力。此段在强调学校的条件和优势,但是语言太泛,所以要有课程设置等特色的针对性!并结合自己对这个program的满意度)
** offers integrated curricular arrangement. From the information on the website, I realized ** program offers not only courses in accounting/finance, but also in other areas. I understand that employers in the market are seeking for more balanced people rather than those with expertise only in narrow field. (可以具体标出专业课程的名称。并结合相关内容,说明一下自己曾经读过的科目)
** attracts best talent from all over the world.

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