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3. Review of undergraduate life
I proudly believe my undergraduate life was extremely successful in terms of academic experience because that while successfully complete all required courses for graduation, I manage to enhance myself by arranging individual study plans, too.
I got systematical training of basic accounting concepts and theories; and this training is practice-oriented. The undergraduate program at GSM Peking University is the very best business administration program among all Chinese colleges. Thanks to its well designed curricular and the professors’ strong academic expertise, I build up solid fundamental knowledge of accounting science. What is more, the discussions in GSM’s courses never limit to textbooks. The professors always require us to find out real world cases and relate them to the contents in class. This is always the best part of class for me, since I would have chances to be a leader of a group of classmates, arranging labor division, communicating between my team and external resources, and organizing the final presentation of class project. For instance, with the intermediate accounting project, we talked to someone working with the ministry of treasury about some practical concerns when making up accounting principles; and with the project of cost and managerial accounting, we approached an ex-CFO of a giant multinational company, getting first hand opinion on the reality in financial budgeting and decision making process. These experiences not only improved my understanding of course contents, but also enhanced my leadership and knowledge of the real business world.(与各方人士交谈,怎么体现的领导力?如果用这些例子,只能强调自己的沟通能力。或者也可以扩展一些,表现出自己的分析能力,合作精神,同时对课本上的理论知识有了一个现实意义上的理解)

I had sufficient exposure to financial markets and products by attending some finance major classes. While most of the accounting majors attend only required accounting courses, I am probably the one who take finance major classes the most. This can also explain why I got a relatively average GPA----finance courses are more competitive to get a high score.(除了分数,是否还有其他的优势?如果自己申请的是会计专业,可以将上金融课的优势做为辅助来说,强调学习金融后,对会计知识理解得更宽) In spite of this, I think it is worth getting a broader background. From bank and money class,(这里有语病) I managed to learn the structure and functioning of central banks and monetary policies; and by taking financial statement analysis, I experienced the life of a fund manager, who collected market data of stocks and portfolios, and made up insightful analyzing reports on the value of them. I also plan to take ‘financial derivatives’ and ‘investment banking’ in the senior year, in order to grasp the current situation and key players in industry. These training give me basic information and essential analytical skills for both career and further study. 

I got balanced appetite for various topics in several academic fields. Another valuable thing about my undergraduate study is the wide variety of academic topics I got exposed to. If you review my transcript, you will notice that my interest goes almost everywhere in social and nature science, from anthropology to historical geography, from environmental science to mathematical thinking, which shows my impulsive desire for unfamiliar academic areas. (不要出现“you”!可以说my remarkable academic scores proved my interest in wide-range way, such as.....建议:金融或者会计专业,最好多说专业知识和实习经验;如果非想强调这些,可以几句话简单概括:会计不是独立的学科,知识领域都是相互贯通,而且那些辅助课程也充实了自己头脑。)My involvement with American Society and Indian Culture class enhanced my culture sensitivity; and the work on Ms Hansen( professor from East Asia Research Center of Yale)’s History of Chinese Religions made me impressed greatly on Yale’s way of academic research. None of these classes is compulsory nor are they easy to acquire good result. So my active engagement and excellent performance on these classes could be strong proves my strong academic skills and positive attitudes towards research.(此段说明自己不仅注重专业课程,而且强调其他各个领域的学科)

4、Leadership experience
Leadership is something differentiates one person from another, those who can work better with others, influence others, have the best chances to take more responsibility, thus get further developed in career. In terms of this, the involvement with AIESEC gave me the first step to feel like a leader.. AIESEC abbreviated for “dddd”, the largest student organization in the world, is both a bridge between college students and oversea companies by arranging cross-country internship programs to its members, and a platform for campus students from more than 100 countries to share ideas, and activate leadership. I joined its local committee in PKU at the first year of college, and grew from a fresh egg to the vice presideof this some 100-member committee. (觉得不适合用俚语)Before I ‘retried’ from AIESEC, I was the head of outgoing exchange department, with the responsibility to make AIESEC program known to campus, recruit qualified program participants, and match them with companies that provides internship positions in other countries. There were 30 people from 4 different schools in my department reporting to me, and I had to build up teams, pick up team leaders, and find out potential future leaders as successors. There were limited timeline and tough performance requirements that force me to plan carefully, track continually, and drive aggressively. There were all types of sudden affairs, big and small, (AIESEC这个组织是很权威,但是自己的经历显得太空!一句话就想把精彩的成长历程表达出来?而且下文马上就接了个‘retired’Large-scale or trivial)here and there, now and then, that need me to keep an eye on everybody’s situation, do damage control, and cope with complaints.( 这句话有语病) My term lasts for a whole year, and I did not see any other classmates can have chances to lead a team for this long and really perform something.(这话说得也太高调啦,不能这么说) Yet, it is still only a start; and I know there is no limitations on how much one can activate his/her leadership, the more the better. As far as I know, a common strength of top US business schools is their reinforcement on leadership of their students. Professors will encourage group work to do class projects now and then; and various student clubs will provide larger platform for young people to develop themselves. I intended to be overwhelmed with an environment of future leaders, and try to be one of them.(想作为学校领导者的一员?前文提到的领导者是professor级别的,难道是想在校致力于成为professor的领导力吗)

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