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2012年12月19日 博创留学 美国留学第一站 梦想开始的地方  博创留美关注 - 留学聚焦


An actor? On the stage? Me? These words sounded like totally unconnected parts to me in a total void. I had never thought that I could be an actor, but my performance in the first year of high school totally rocked that into pieces. 

Six feet high and almost 200 pounds in weight, I am big, clumsy and you’re right, very timid in mind. (要写得更加戏剧化一些,把自己的劣势完全的写出来) My requirement course of Chinese literature asked us to perform a staged play with selected textbook scripts. Needless to say, this will be graded as final score, and we had only one month. Feeling panic was an understatement to me, and I was almost hit by fear and worries upon the news. I had never tried to walk myself to stage, let alone playing it. Fat boy just can not dance.


But I decided to dance this time. I could have chosen a less important role with limited lines and minimum time on stage, but I thought since I probably would fail as a little role, I lose nothing by taking this opportunity to face the challenge. In the end, I chose the leading role that would have to speak the most on stage and memorize the most scripts backstage.

Our group rehearsed every afternoon after school. During the group discussion of meaning and presentation of each line, many of my ideas were welcome as sharp and accurate by the group. I built up confidence with each discussion and rehearsal. But I still needed to hone my skills. (hone磨练技巧,锻炼)I squeezed my time to arrange 3 nights for 3 shows in Beijing People’s Art Theatre, where I watched and learned by heart how actors rendered, delivered and presented their roles. ( 这里写得更明确一些,render是表演中表现和阐述的意思) Each of their lines and gestures simply intrigued me. (intrigue是阴谋的意思,这里作动词是使着迷,同义词有mesmerize, attract, fascinate, enthrall和captivate) I took careful notes after each show I watched of the performing techniques I observed. Gradually, I became more comfortable with the acting and speaking on the stage. Memorizing notes and scripts even when I was walking, showing and eating, I had also tried to do so when sleeping, but I failed. (这样写就幽默一些,也不会这么平淡) At home, I asked my father to be my audience and gave me some suggestions on my performance.


The final show was memorable.(本段讲述的是最终的演出是如何值得纪念的)Nervous no more, I firmly believed that I could accomplish it this time. It started and I walked onto the stage with the first act, Thunderstorm, as I felt I was actually in a dark night with heavy rain. Why? A fat boy was alone on the stage while hundreds of eyes were centered upon him! Hands sweating and legs trembling, I hid from the audience my tension and anxiety. During the intermissions, I was gasping and forgetting to take out my notes and script for a make-up glimpse. Calm down, I told myself, and try to ignore the surroundings and focus on the delivering of my performance. My part was finished flawlessly and we got a standing ovation at the end of our performance.. (完美无缺,perfectly, faultlessly, impeccably也可以这么说) Funny thing is that everyone meeting later call me Mr. Zhou, the name of the leading role in play instead of my real name.( 从侧面反映出演出的成功,这和“我”平时的刻苦努力是分不开的)

I feel like a new person after the play, no longer the shy and timid fat boy always with his mouth shut and head down. What it takes are courage and practice to overcome the inner fear, while confidence is not just something free, but what you have to fight for. Trusting myself and following my heart always, I learnt how to achieve more by asking myself for more.



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